Aluminium Trailers

Superbly crafted Aluminium Trailers!

Now you can have strength and light weight ,with superior quality,by boiler makers you can trust and count on!

Details and benefits;

-Rolled 3mm marine grade alloy guards,these not only look sensational,they are much sturdier than press bent ones with square edge.

-Floor and sides are one piece for strength,this also keeps out moisture,most others have 2 joins!

-Marine grade checkerplate front and back doors

-Greasable hinges,which WONT seize!(they have brass inserts).Say no to bolted hinges which are not only weaker,but rattle out!

-Welded tie rails,the way they should be,most others bolt them on,which look cheap and nasty.

A fantastic rust proof trailer,starting at $1890.oo for a 6x4,with second hand wheels.

Options:New wheels,jerry can holders,jockey wheel,spare wheel,rubber suspension,along with whatever else you may think of.

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High Quality Caravan Trailers Melbourne 
High Quality Caravan Trailers Melbourne


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