Motor Bike Trailers

Our Bike Trailers are designed by Bike riders,and boiler makers(which happen to be the bosses!)

We have incorporated many outstanding features that are severely lacking in other designs

1}There is nothing protruding upward from the floor to trip on,most others have something like a minefield to navigate when walking your bikes off,with bolts and tie hooks to trip on,say no to that!!

2}The rear of our trailers only protrudes down 125mm,which enables greater clearance when taking your bike trailer up the mountain for a ride,don't be one of the many with dented,twisted and damaged rear channels which hang down too low!(most are at 200mm!!!)

3}Checkerplated channels are standard on all our bike trailers,they are much better for grip on both the tyres,and your feet!!

Not to mention,they are much stronger.

4}LED lights are standard,as they should be,not an expensive option!

5}Tie points should not be less than 24 inches apart,as this is a good medium for lateral force and downforce,some have only 10 inches,which is why you may see many bikes falling off trailers when riding!Dont be one of the unlucky!

6}We use 3 support beams which is necessary for strength,but also for easy balancing when loading bikes.

Base price for bike trailer is $895.00 which includes jockey wheel and one jerry can holder,add 100.00 for checkerplate floor

There are many options available such as checker plate floor in between the checker channels,spare wheel and bracket,toolboxes,stone guards,tricked out Auto enamel paint jobs,mag wheels,and many more!

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